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Dear visitor,

this is a personal site of an italian guy (as you probably will already have guessed by now), and if you can not read italian I'm afraid there is not much for you beyond this page.

In short, my name is Davide, I am a 34 years old electronics engineer. I am happily married with a two years old child, earning a living for all of us teaching in a technical high school and writing C++ programs.

My interests cover almost everything, but there also are many things I don't give a fuck about, or even openly disrespect. I do not own a TV, and live with two cats, a dog, chickens and ducks in a little big house in north east Italy.

Despite the site being almost completely italian, it is my opinion that being italian has nothing to be particulary proud nor ahsame of. It just happens you are born somewhere, and that's your place. Like it or not. Anyway I can speak and write a decent English, so if you like to drop a line, you are very welcome to do it here.

Thank you for visiting Cogitamus!